I’ve recently written a blog post about my initial thoughts of the Zen Float Tent here. Like I have mentioned in this post I setup a custom filtration system to support the pump that came with the tent. This post is dedicated to help you setup your own custom filtration system for the Zen Float Tent.

Parts list

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Type of filter

For this specific setup I used an Intex pump which can be purchased from Amazon.

Setting the piping up

All of these parts can be purchased from Lowe’s for under $100 (not including the pump). Once you have all of the parts it is best to start with the tubing that came with the Intex pump and hook in the adapter which will screw on snugly (Image 3-4). You will need a rubber grommet to seal the gap between the adapter and the Intex tube(Image 3). This will prevent the water from leaking out. Once that connection is secure you can figure out where you would like your tubes to enter the tent. For my setup I had the PVC tubes enter the tent from the back close to the pump that came with the tent. This makes it easy to access since it is near a corner of the tent.

You will need to calculate how long you would like the PVC tubes to be in order to go inside of the tent and what angles you would like. Depending on how you want the tubes to enter the tent and if you are using a spill berm or not this may vary. I would recommend using a tape measure before you start cutting to get a sense of how long the tubes will need to be. The images above will give you a good idea of how I decided to get my PVC piping into the tent and notice the multiple angles (to prevent light leaks).

Keep in mind that you may want to put a small angle in the tube that pumps the water back into the tent (see image above). This will make the water ripple which can help prevent biofilm from building up on the surface of the water. Also make sure that your intake tube is not touching the tents bottom and also submerged under water.

After you have laid out how long you want the PVC pipes to be you can use the PVC primer and glue to glue the pieces together (careful not to inhale or touch the glue/primer).
It might be useful to put the Intex pump inside of a rubber container to help catch salt water in the event that some leaks when changing the filter (highly recommended). Then make sure that the PVC pipes are in place and hook the hose into the pump.

This specific pump requires you to prime it before using. There are more instructions in the Intex manual about this, but essentially you need to make sure the pump is filled with water before you start it for the first time. Also you will need to open the air valve on the top while filling it until some water leaks out. Once the water leaks out screw the air valve tight and turn the pump on. If it doesn’t start pumping water you may have to open the air valve when it is running (note water may splash, use a towel to open air valve). Once you hear the pump working and see water moving through it you can close the air value.

You should be all set!

Good luck customizing your Zen Float Tent! Leave comments below if you have any questions!