After about a year and a half of consideration I’ve finally decided to purchase a Zen Float Tent.

This idea of getting a float tank has been bouncing around in my mind for a couple of years now. I had thought about the Escape Pod Tank or the Samadhi Tank but just couldn’t justify the cost of those for residential use. These tanks are great, however paying $6,000+ for a tank just didn’t seem to be feasible for something that wouldn’t be used for commercial purposes. The Zen Float Tent comes in just under $2,000 which is a lot more affordable especially considering that the cost of salt could run you close to $600 to fill it up initially (plus more for maintenance).

Three reasons why to choose the Zen Float Tent:

  1. Affordable
  2. Light weight
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing

If I were to purchase a higher end float tank for my home (or even a float center) the Escape Pod Tank is on the top of the list. They are very durable (stainless steel) and the filtration system seems to be very robust. Also their pricing is very reasonable at under $10,000 for a commercial grade tank.

Here is what the Escape Pod looks like (2015 model).

Typically with a commercial grade tank they have higher end filters that clean the water much more quickly than in a residential tank. In the case of my setup I will have another filtration system besides the standard one that comes with the Zen Float Tent. The reason being is that I know many people who are interested in floating and want to make sure the water is very pure for them.

Custom filtration system:

Possible additional filter

Along with this tank I plan on using 35% hydrogen peroxide to help sanitize the water. H202 + UV has been studied as an effective way to clean/disinfect the water. See the EPA post about it here.</a> There also have been many studies done on the combination of UV + H202 in disinfecting water which can be found on Google Scholar.</a> If your really interested in how this works UV + H202 forms hydroxyl radicals</a>which are often referred to as the “detergents” of the atmosphere because they react with many pollutants, often acting as the first step to their removal. This makes sense that UV + H202 can disinfect water effectively.

Typically H202 comes in 3% solutions but for the sake of sanitization 35% makes more sense economically.

The Zen Float Tent comes with one filter pump which includes a UV light (note: the new upgraded tent v1.5 includes two pumps). Just to make sure that the water is ultra pure I may end up getting another UV light to attach to the intex pool pump just to have more of those hydroxyl radicals that I mentioned earlier.

Isolating sound

Sound isolation is a typical problem with float tanks especially low frequency sounds such as people walking or cars driving by. These sounds can travel well throughs solid objects such as the walls and the water that you will be floating in.

To solve this issue I plan on purchasing a neoprene rubber anti-vibration pad to help absorb these sounds if they are too distracting.

Finally there is the issue of the tank leaking if some sharp object gets into the tank and tears the vinyl. For this I plan on purchasing an industrial spill berm to catch water if the tent leaks.