is a website and mobile application that helps you reach your goals. The idea is you can sign up for various goals such as (no alcohol, no cigarettes, meditation, etc.) and you can keep track of the days you complete your habit. This is such a powerful tool that can really help you achieve whatever you are trying to accomplish. I highly recommend this and have been using it since November 2012.

Rdio is a service that allows you to stream music for only $10 a month or $5 a month if you are a student. The advantage of using this service compared to paying individually for songs would be that you have unlimited access to music. Also, if you listen to over 10 new songs a month it easily could be worth it.

Chipotle is not your typical Mexican restaurant. They have a very different atmosphere than a typical restaurant. Chipotle is very particular about where their ingredients are sourced, and look for sustainable options and naturally fed meat.

Simple is a bank that truly puts their customers first. They have a built in budgeting system that can facilitate saving up for any type of purchase. The bank is also known for having lower fees than a typical bank. Simple is a bank you can be proud of!

If your tired of worrying about who is snooping on your search engine queries look no further. is a great website which doesn’t track or retain information about what you search for. Now, one might not care about allowing others to view what data they look at but the main issue here is that bigger search engines put you in a filter bubble. Here is a great TED talk about filter bubbles that explains how certain search engines will give you bias results based on your past history. This may seem like a good thing, but in reality it is not giving you an accurate picture of the world, but that confirms your own beliefs.

Betterment is a great tool for investors that don’t want to pay high fees for getting involved in the mutual fund industry. They use low cost index funds and bonds that allow them to charge incredibly low fees. They charge between .15% and .35% depending on how much money you have invested with them. I highly recommend this service and use it myself.